What we do

The Careers Centre’s mission is to help students understand themselves and find their place in the world.  We do that by educating, inspiring and empowering our students so they can design meaningful and satisfying careers that meet their own unique ambitions. We offer experiences, connections, guidance, and information to allow our students to:

  • explore who they are and what makes them curious 
  • focus their plans and ambitions 
  • take action to successfully transition into life after university

Read our Statement of Service for further details.

We are also committed to working with and supporting all students, providing access to impartial information and resources. Read our Diversity & Equality and Disability pages for further advice and guidance.

Students and staff are entitled to disagree with the ethics or practices of any organisation and they may choose to express their disagreement at events organised by the Careers Service. It is not acceptable however for any student, group of students, or members of staff to prevent other students from having access to employers’ representatives and their information.


The Careers Centre offers services to all full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students; graduates within three years of graduation and graduate-level staff members of the university. Read our Eligibility policy for full details.

Data sharing

We have provided links to organisations we believe are providing a useful career-related resource or service.  Before you sign-up with any of these please ensure you have read their privacy policy and you are satisfied with the way in which they intend to share your data. Please let us know if you are subsequently unhappy about how your data has been used by any of these organisations, so we can review whether or not to continue to provide links to them.


If you have any feedback on your experience of the Careers Centre or any suggestions for improvements on the services we offer, we would be keen to hear from you. Email us at careers@st-andrews.ac.uk