Coronavirus information and guidance

Exam timetables

The Examinations Office will contact students invited to attend the online December 2020 Examination diet. Students will be able to access their personal exam timetable from Friday 23 October 2020.

If the modules shown on your personal exam timetable are inaccurate you must immediately contact the Examinations Office at or call +44 (0)1334 46 4100.

View your personal exam timetable

Exams on consecutive days

Students at all levels must expect to have examinations on consecutive days.

Whilst every effort is made by the examinations officer to spread exams, the large number of combinations of modules in some subjects makes it impossible to avoid exams on three or more consecutive days for all students.

Students may have two sub-honours examinations on the same day (or exceptionally one Honours exam and one sub-honours exam).

Students will not normally have two Honours or Postgraduate examinations on the same day, but very occasionally this is unavoidable with unusual combinations of modules.

The examinations officer works closely with Schools to optimise the timetable before it is released to students. Please note that no further changes, other than unavoidable changes of venue, can be made to the timetable once the confirmed timetable has been released.

Extra time for exams

The personal exam timetable shows the duration for each exam along with any extra time to which you are entitled.

If you are entitled to an extra time allowance, the exam invigilator will have the details of this, and the end time of your exams will be adjusted accordingly.

If you are unsure of your extra time entitlement, you should confirm this by checking e-Vision. If this does not appear to be correct, please contact student services at

Timetable clashes

Whilst every effort is made by Schools and the Examinations Office to prevent timetable clashes, these can occasionally occur where Schools organise assessments which are not centrally timetabled.

Where such a clash is identified, students should contact the Examinations Office at as a matter of urgency.

Future exam diets

All matriculated students are entered automatically for the December and May examination diets in all examined modules which they have been advised into.

Students are required to make themselves available in St Andrews for the full duration of the examination diets (up to, and including, the last Friday of both the December and May diets) and should plan travel arrangements accordingly.

December 2020

Exams will be scheduled from Saturday 5 December to Friday 18 December 2020 inclusive (including Saturday 12 December). Schools may use Friday 18 December to arrange exams which candidates have been given permission to defer.

May 2021

Exams will be scheduled from Saturday 8 May to Friday 21 May 2021 inclusive (including Saturday 15 May). Schools may use Friday 21 May to arrange exams which candidates have been given permission to defer.

August 2021

Exams will be scheduled from Monday 9 August to Friday 13 August 2021.