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Pre-sessional courses

The International Education Institute provides two pre-sessional courses for students who use English as an additional language and who have an offer to study at the University. Pre-sessional courses provide an excellent orientation to the University and enable students to develop:

  • language knowledge and academic literacy
  • attributes of reflectiveness, criticality, autonomy, confidence and academic integrity
  • critical analysis skills and the ability to incorporate sources and evidence in academic work
  • knowledge of academic and discipline-specific conventions
  • familiarity with institutional services, processes, and forms of assessment.

A full time pre-degree course for postgraduate students with conditional offers and English qualifications which are not sufficient for entry to the 4-week pre-sessional course.

For students where the pre-sessional course is a condition of their undergraduate or postgraduate offer, for students with unconditional offers, and for those who choose to attend to prepare for their future studies as the course will introduce them to the town and culture.