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Opening a computer account

After you activate your computer account and sign into, you'll be asked to set up multi-factor authentication.

Please do not use this form unless you have received an acceptance email instructing you to do so.

Your acceptance email informs you of:

  • your username (your initials, usually followed by a number)
  • your Student ID number (a 9-digit number beginning with a zero or one)

You need to use this information to create your computer password.

1. Enter user name and student ID number
2. Agree to terms and conditions

Your use of your computer account is governed by the conditions and policies of the University and IT Services, and by Acts of Parliament.

For further details of the conditions of use see IT Services Policies and Procedures.

3. Create a password

Your password:

  • MUST have a minimum of 8 characters
  • MUST include in the first 8 characters at least one numeral (0 - 9)
  • MUST include in the first 8 characters at least one character that is not a letter or a numeral
  • Should include a mixture of upper and lower case letters

If you need help choosing a password see notes on strong passwords.

4. Submit form