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St Andrews brings together researchers from around the globe to explore and challenge the world around us. From local to international topics, our research spans from ancient history to modern scientific breakthroughs.



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Find out more about the management of research and research-related activities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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The University of St Andrews is one of the UK’s most research-intensive universities and with its world-class facilities, it produces global-reaching research. If you would like to work with us at St Andrews, we offer a range of routes into joining the University through research, study and collaboration.

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A disaster is looming in Peru caused by Covid-19 as thousands return to their rural homes where there are limited resources and facilities, according...

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How can our use of energy help us create a better future for all? Global energy demand continues to rise. To meet this demand energy producers are...

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The internal call for applications to the NERC Standard Grants Scheme -January 2021 is now open. Table 1: Timescale Timescale 1 Internal deadline:...

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